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What to expect

Before the event

Once all the terms have been agreed between us, we do require a deposit to secure the date.

 We will then send you:

  • A valid insurance certificate
  • A PAT testing certificate
  • A Food Safety Risk Assessment
  • A Method Statement
  • A Food safety training certificate

On the day of the event

Our team will arrive on site, usually in the morning (subject to location), to deliver the equipment needed for the event.  This may include our own freezer if you are unable to provide on-site units.  We will use this time to prepare our working and presentation areas.  We may require secure storage for our alcohol, although this is not a mandatory requirement.  Our teams will then leave the venue until approximately two hours before the event, when we will return to begin final preparation for service.

The Event

We believe in having someone to meet and greet your guests and explain to them the flavours available.  Our staff are always courteous and polite. All drinks are prepared fresh on site throughout the evening, so you can rest assured your guests will be getting a fresh milkshake every time.

We believe your guests have better things to do than queue up, so we try to ensure that our serving tables are always full.  Your guests can then just help themselves to their flavour of choice.

Please be aware that we use blenders during the preparation of our milkshakes. These can make some noise, but it usually non-intrusive.

After the event

Our staff will always ensure that the serving and preparation areas are left in a tidy state before we leave the site.  If, in the unlikely event, there are still milkshakes available after our contractual service period has ended, we will leave them on a table for your guests to help themselves.

If the event is likely to continue beyond our period of service, and we have brought our own freezer, we may not necessarily remove them that evening.  If that is the case, we would require access to the venue the following morning to collect them.  Otherwise, we will discretely remove all supplied equipment when we leave.


We’ve received some really great feedback from both ball organisers and guests.  Please use the contact us form to provide us with your feedback.  When giving us feedback, please let us know which ball it was.