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What people say…

Over the years we’ve received quite a few favourable comments. We thought we’d share some of them…

“These satisfy the 10 year-old in me and the adult.” – Brasenose 2015

“Oh God – this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.” – Lincoln 2014

“You finished? Can I please lick the jug?” – Trinity 2017

“No shame – just yummy!” – Merton winter 2016

“I’m just gonna stand here all night!” – Wolfson winter 2017

“So cold, but so worth it.” – Merton winter 2013

“You ladies are doing God’s work.” – New College 2016

“I don’t think you realise how good these are.” – Lincoln 2014

“You have to stop me! Say No!!” – Mansfield 2019

“Come for the drink, stay for the company.” – Oriel 2015

“We can see fireworks anytime, but these – we have to have these!” – Trinity 2014

“My favourite flavour? … They’re all frickin lovely!” New College 2016

“Is it okay to come back for thirds?” – Lincoln 2016

“I’m making it my mission to have two of each by the end of the night!” – Merton summer 2014

“F**k vodka, these are great!” – New College 2016

“Damn! Trinity has pipped us, and it’s all because of you.” – Trinity 2014

“That is just too nice!” Wolfson winter 2016

“You’re running out? Man, I need to stock up” – Mansfield 2016

“You can’t stop now! Tell us what ingredients you need and we’ll get them. Just please keep going!” – Trinity 2014

“You were the highlight of our last ball so we have to get you back again.” – Trinity 2017

“Oh, this is my dream…” – Woflson Winter 2017

Some of the messages we’ve had…