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Milkshakes have never been so bad, yet tasted so good…

Welcome to Alc-au-Lait! A whole new take on the milkshake… definitely not for the children!

For over a decade we’ve been serving our delicious alcoholic milkshakes to the Oxford student populace at their annual College balls.

In addition to the College balls, we now offer our delicious milkshakes to a broader audience, via food festivals, corporate events and weddings.

All our milkshakes, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic are made to order, and provide a refreshing and alternative option to the regular post meal drink. Many also consider them an alternative to dessert.

Wherever you find us, why not try one at your next event.  Or two … or five!

We are an Oxfordshire based company, but don’t let that put you off. If we can get to you, we will!